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If you want to create popular games like the ones you see on Steam, App Store, and console online stores, you are playing at a massive disadvantage. Period.

Successful game developers have a one-up on you. They have beliefs, mindsets, and understanding of the development process that 99% of the developers will never have. Because of this they can make successful games while everyone else struggles...

These people had to fail multiple times and go through massive struggles to learn these mindsets that allow them to initiate game projects that have a chance of succeeding right from the start.

This is where IA Game Development Coaching comes into play. With a personal coach, you'll have direct access to the beliefs, mindsets, and understanding of successful game developers.

Obtain veteran-level game development understanding without having to go throught the same failures, struggles, and risks that they have.

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Sick of searching for answers to questions you don't know, sick of not knowing how to improve, and sick of working hard and not seeing any results.

Running or starting a game project but struggling to find the right direction - ready to level up your production skills.

Searching for ways to get games done but does not understand the first place to start and is confused with how to get from point A to point B.

Ready to show the world your ideas and your vision of what games could be. Ready to take control of the whole creative process.

Desiring a sense of clarity and a sense of direction to guide and motivate you through your game projects.

Paralyzed by the exhausting amount of information that floods the Internet about this subject - just wanting someone to tell you what the important things are.

Get a taste of real direction

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About Juha Keränen

Juha Keränen has developed video games since the 90s. He has worked on several projects that have been released on multiple platforms, including Steam, Play Store, and HTML5.

Juha's passion is divided in many directions, such as game design, programming, art, audio, production, writing, and marketing. His lectures and direction have helped many aspiring game developers in the past.

30-day money back guarantee

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